How to manage electronic invoices

Zak generates and sends electronic invoices.
To use this feature, simply configure and enable e-Invoicing. You can do it by clicking on the following link.

↳ Link: Zak > Settings > Configurations > Invoices

☞ Docs: Invoices

You can use the feature in two ways:

1. You already have a provider to send to the SDI

In this case, you only have to download the XML files from Zak. Therefore you can issue the invoice as usual and then click on the "Download XML" button to save the document. At this point, you can send it to the SDI through your provider.

2. ZaK can send your invoices directly to SDI

You have to activate this option, as in the image below.

Example of activation of automatic sending through Zak. The system automatically assigns the "Recipient Code".

At this point, on each document you will find the "Send to SDI" button to send the invoice.

The Electronic Invoice Report allows you to monitor the status of electronic invoices. Here you have an overview of the number of invoices sent/received, as well as "pending" "delivered/ undelivered" and "discarded" invoices.

↳ Link : Zak > Report > Reports > Fattura Elettronica

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