Zak - Adding and configuring a channel

Before proceeding with the channel configuration, please read the article below, which explains the preliminary operations before activating the channel and gives essential warnings:

☞ Docs: Tips for Channel Manager activation

Adding a channel

Once you have set the products and rates you intend to use on the channel, you can add a new channel in Zak from the Online > Channels section:

↳ Useful Link: Auth Factory > Zak (All-in-One) > Sales > Channels > Channels

On the right you will find the "Add new channel" button.
The newly acquired Channels have 15 days of free service.
You can access the channel configuration page by clicking on its name (that will appear in the left column of the page), and fill out the form with the required data, including your Hotel ID. Click on "Proceed" to send the connection request.

Configuring a channel

When activating a channel, our Channel Manager closes the sale (except for Wubook and Airbnb connections) of all your rooms and rates. In this way, you can proceed safely to the configuration process.
As you connect your products to the portal rooms, sales will be reopened.
At the beginning of the process, in the section > Disconnected products, you can find the OTA rooms repeated for each of the rates on which these rooms are for sale.
You have to associate each OTA's pair (room-rate) with a ZaK pair (product-rate): a ZaK product corresponds to the OTA room; a Zak rate corresponds to the OTA rate.

☞ Docs: Products

☞ Docs: Rates

In the example above, we see that:

  • The Budget Single room is available for sale with the Prima rate and Standard Rate 3 Adults.
  • The Two-Bedroom Apartment room is for sale with the Standard rate and Non-Refundable Rate.

By connecting the pair (room-rate) of the portal to the corresponding Zak's pair (product-rate), and clicking on "Map," the related product will move to the section > Online products.
At this time, the Channel manager sends a rate-availability update for a specific room, by reopening it on the portal.

Notes on availability update

The availability update of the portal room depends on the availability of the associated product. The channel updates the availability of the first product associated with the corresponding OTA room.
After associating a ZaK product to an OTA room (for any rate), you have to associate the same product with all other rates. In this way, the availability sent from the Channel manager to the OTA will be correct.
Even if each pair (room-rate) represents a specific association, it will not make sense to associate pairs (where the same OTA room appears) with Zak products related to a different room category.
Each room category has its availability. Therefore, associating products or by-products related to different categories would create ambiguity in determining the availability to be updated.
Once you have associated an OTA room to a Zak product/by-product, the PMS allows you to associate that room only with the products related to the category previously associated.

In the example, the One-Bedroom apartment was associated with the APPA product for a specific rate. Even for all other rates, only ZaK's APPA product can be associated with the One-Bedroom.
In the drop-down menu of the products, you can choose only the associable products

You can decide not to put all your rooms for sale on OTAs. To change your room availability on OTA you can use the "OTA Limits" tool on Tabla.

☞ Docs: Tabla

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