Zak -™ Channel

Before activating the channel, please read the article below, which explains the preliminary steps and gives essential warnings:

☞ Docs: Tips for Channel Manager activation

To know before proceeding

  • The restrictions that ZaK updates for Booking are: closure, no check-in/out, min/max stay, min/max stay arrival, min/max advance, ota limit, availability modifier
  • The max advance must not exceed 360 days, otherwise Booking will not accept it.
  • If you have rates/promo managed with Booking (not xml), you will still find in ZaK their reservations. But please make sure that the room assigned by ZaK is correct.
  • Cancellation policy: ZaK takes the policy included in the reservation XML. If not provided, ZaK takes the policy set at Booking product level.
  • Board: ZaK detects it according to the texts in the reservation XML (e.g. "Breakfast is included in the room rate").

1. Add the channel

First you need to add the channel by clicking on the +. Click on the link below and follow the instructions in the next steps:

↳ Link : ZaK > Sales > Channels > Add new channel

2. Enter your Property ID

Once added, click on the channel name (Booking) to configure it.

At the bottom of the page you can enter the property ID provided by and the currency. Then click on "PROCEED":

3. authorization

At this point you must authorize WuBook to connect with To proceed, you must log in to your Extranet.

Web: Extranet

Once inside, click at the top right on ACCOUNT and then on CONNECTIVITY PROVIDER:

Please note: If you already have an active connection with another channel manager and want to change provider, click on SWITCH TO A NEW CHANNEL MANAGER:

If you don't have a channel manager already connected, click on the search bar and select "WuBook" as your provider. Check all the options and go ahead:

Now you'll get to step 1. Here just accept the terms and go ahead:

Now, at step 2, you can choose whether to automatically connect to Wubook or do it manually by receiving instructions via email. You will find a pre-selected option to connect to the provider automatically, this is the one we recommend! Then click on "Save":

At this point you will reach step 3 and the connection will be done, you don't have to do anything else on Booking side. Now go back to ZaK to continue and wait a few minutes, refresh the page until you see that the channel is unblocked.

4. Rooms and rates mapping

Now go back to the PRODUCTS section, where you can find the rooms/rates you have already created with

The sale on is initially closed for security. You must now associate to each room/rate of the specific ZaK product/rate. The products in purple are the unmapped and closed products. As you associate them, they will turn blue, which means that they are on sale, managed by ZaK.

To associate a product, click on the white icon next to it:

Now choose the ZaK product and rate to be associated with that Booking product/rate. In the Single Usage field, you can set a fixed or percentage discount for the single-use (1 person). By clicking on the MAP button, ZaK will start to update that room/rate, sending to the channel prices, restrictions and availability you've set on your ZaK Tabla:

NOTE: To sell your rooms with higher occupancy (2, 3, 4, etc. persons) you must contact and specify the room occupancy and the specific price variations.

At any time, you can quickly close the sale of a room with a single click. In the PRODUCTS section, just click on with icon with the red X. This will cancel the association and the Booking room/rate will return to purple. You can re-join it at any time:

Now, if you choose the automatic mode, the connection with ZaK will be activated immediately and the configuration will be done.

5. Download reservations archive from Booking (only if you need it)

! This operation must be done ONLY if your reservations are not on Zak yet !

To download the reservation archive, go back to the  IMPORT section and click on IMPORT ARCHIVE:

At this point, the download of your reservations from Booking will begin. It may take several minutes. You don't need to stay on the page, you can continue to work in ZaK and the download will continue.

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