How to issue a reservation invoice

To issue a reservation invoice you need to access the reservation details. In the Admin section, click on Invoices and select from the drop-down menu the document type you've previously created in the Setting > Configurations section.

☞ Docs: Reservation detail

↳ Useful Link: Auth Factory > Zak (All-in-One) > Settings > Configurations > Invoices

ZaK allows you to issue multiple invoices for the same reservation. For example, you can generate two separate invoices for overnight and for extra services. If your reservation includes multiple rooms for multiple guests, you can issue an invoice for each room.

By clicking the > Go button, you can which services you want to insert in your invoice. By choosing a room you will see only the services (room, extras) related to that room.

Document data and service selection

ZaK automatically updates customer data and extra from the reservation. However, before the issuance you can manually modify these data. You can select which "items" (services and accommodation) to invoice. You can also add a new extra in the issuance page, by clicking on Add button. Remember that the VAT must be set in your preferences.

☞ Docs: Features Settings


Once you have entered all the necessary data, you can proceed with the issue by clicking on the > Preview button at the top right, and then on the > Emit button on the top left, as in the image below.

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