ZaK - Extended Statistics

In this subsection Extended Stats, you can consult your sales data.

Please note that the data only concern reservations with status Confirmed or Option.

You can access the statistics by clicking on the icon on the top right and then on "Stats":

These data complete those already provided in the Revenue Statistics. You can also display the ratio between the total revenue (including extras) and the revenue for stays only.
You can check the occupancy percentage relative to the maximum number of people that your property could accommodate (i.e. beds).

Also in this case, you can use the statistics filter, which allows you to select the reservations you want to analyze.

☞ Docs: ZaK - Statistics: filters

Average rate

The graph compares the rooms-per-nights sold in a specific period with the average room price (in the same period), as shown in the image below.

If both values are high, it means you sold a lot of rooms for a high price.
If the value room-per-nights is high, but the average price is low, it means that the high value of the sale is linked to the low price.

The following parameters are reported for each day:

  • Total Revenue: revenue generated by reservations (including rooms, VAT, OTA commissions, extras, meals. City tax is excluded)
  • Rooms Revenue: revenue generated by the rooms sale (including VAT and OTA commissions. Excluding extras, meals, city tax) *
  • Meals revenue: Total number of meals in the reservations on that day.
  • Extras Revenue: Total number of extras in the reservations on that day.
  • Rooms Revenue %: percentage of revenue generated by the sold rooms respect the total revenue [(Room revenue x 100)/Total revenue] *
  • Occupancy (people): numbers of guests in your property on that day
  • Available occupancy: Total number of beds that were available on that day
  • Occupancy rate (people): Percentage ratio between the number of beds sold and the total number of beds available [(Occupancy x 100)/ Available Occupancy].
  • Arrivals (Standard Room Occupancy): Number of arrivals on that day (considering room occupancy)
  • Sold Rooms: Number of physical rooms occupied by a stay (with reservations).
  • Persons per room: Average number of guests staying in a physical room [(Occupancy x 100)/ Number of physical rooms].

* NOTE: If you applied a global discount to some reservations, you will still see the amount without the discount in the 'Rooms Revenue' value. If instead you applied a specific discount to one or more rooms, then this will also be reflected in 'Rooms Revenue'. This is because the global discount applies to the whole reservation, not just the rooms.

Finally, in addition to the Extended Stats there are further subsections that allow you to view data according to different criteria:
- Revenue Stats
- Customer Insights
- Reservation Stats
- Meal Stats

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