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Before activating the channel, we recommend that you read the introductory article on connections, where preliminary operations and important warnings are explained:

☞ Docs: Steps to activate channel manager

To know before proceeding

  • The restrictions that ZaK updates for Airbnb are: closure, no check-in/out, min/max stay arrival, ota limit, availability modifier
  • In detail, if you want to set the min stay, you must set it in both the "Min Stay" and "Min Stay Arrival" fields. The minimum value will be taken into account. The same applies to the max stay: the maximum value will be used.
  • Min and max advance can be managed from ZaK, by setting them in the Airbnb channel in the "Setup" section.
  • Cancellation policy: ZaK shows the policy sent by Airbnb
  • Board: ZaK detects it from the amenities of each Airbnb listing

1. Add the channel

First you need to add the channel by clicking on the +. Click on the link below and follow the instructions in the next steps:

↳ Link : ZaK > Sales > Channels > Add new channel

2. Channel's initialization

Now click on the Airbnb name to enter the channel configuration page and start the channel initialization.

Within the channel you will find the START THE ACTIVATION PROCEDURE button.

NOTE: Before clicking it, open another page and access your Airbnb profile, on the page of the property you want to connect. Then click the button in ZaK:

You will now be redirected to an Airbnb page where you must accept the sharing of information between Airbnb and WuBook. Accept the Terms of Service and then click on ALLOW:

Now you should be redirected back to ZaK, on the Airbnb channel setup page.

Once initialized the channel, the Airbnb account ID will be displayed on the top left, and all of your Airbnb listings will be listed in the "PRODUCTS" section.

3. Listings mapping

In the "PRODUCTS" section you'll find the listings you have already created on Airbnb. You must now associate to each Airbnb listing the specific ZaK product/rate.  The products in purple are the unmapped listings. As you associate them, they will turn blue, which means that they are on sale, managed by ZaK.

NOTE: Unmapped listings (purple) won't be automatically closed, they will just be NOT updated.

To associate a product, click on the white icon next to it:

Now choose the ZaK product and rate to be associated with that Airbnb listing. By clicking on the MAP button, ZaK will start to update that listing, sending to the channel prices, restrictions and availability you've set on your ZaK Tabla:

If you need to disconnect a listing or you mapped it wrong, just click on the icon with the red X:

4. Importing the reservation archive from AirBnb (only if you need it)

! This operation must be done ONLY if your Airbnb reservations are not on Zak yet !

To download the Airbnb reservation archive, go to the "IMPORT" section and choose the listings for which download them. Then click on "IMPORT ARCHIVE":

At this point, the download of your reservations from Airbnb will begin. It may take several minutes. You don't need to stay on the page, you can continue to work in ZaK and the download will continue.

5. Set the price for other occupations

If you want to sell your rooms for different occupations, you need to go to the SETUP section. Here select a listing (the procedure must be repeated for each listing) and click on "LOAD SETUP":

You can then define the default occupancy for that listing and then choose an extra for each extra guest:

NOTE: Since you can only choose a price for each extra guest, we recommend that you set the minimum occupancy with which you sell that listing as your default.

In addition, you can define further parameters here, such as the cleaning fee or the min/max advance.

Airbnb presentation

Founded in 2008, Airbnb is a global community that allows people to organize magical trips by choosing where to stay, what activities to do, and who to meet.

Airbnb leverages technology in a unique way to facilitate the economic livelihood of millions of people around the world, who can monetize their spaces, passions and talents by becoming entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry.

Airbnb's accommodation marketplace provides access to millions of accommodations in more than 190 countries and a choice of apartments, villas, castles, treehouses and B&Bs. 

With Experiences, travelers can experience new dimensions of their destination, taking part to exclusive activities organized by local experts and, thanks to the collaboration with Resy in certain countries, booking tables at the best local restaurants.

All this in an intuitive and pleasingly designed platform, available both as a web version and as a smartphone app.

The 10 destinations preferred by travelers are the United States, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Australia, Germany and Portugal.

The top 10 countries of origin for travelers are the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Canada, China, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands.

Airbnb charges a service fee (including tax if applicable) each time a reservation is completed. These fees are calculated from the subtotal of the reservation and are automatically deducted from the host's fee.

For hotels and traditional accommodations (B&Bs, hostels, etc.), the service charge is currently 15% to allow for more control over the final price paid by guests. 

For property managers (PM) there are two different structures:

 - Cost of service charged to the host. Removes costs for the host (up to 20%). Costs covered solely by the host range from 14% to 16% and guests will see a service charge of 0 throughout the booking process. 

- Shared costs between host and guest. Splits the cost of the service between host and guest. The host is charged fixed costs of 3% to 5% (depending on the cancellation terms chosen).

For property managers using the old commission structure (Costs shared between host and guest), the amount of the commission depends on the cancellation policy chosen and is different between Italy and other countries:


Airbnb in Italy has four different options based on the cancellation policy you choose. If you choose the "Flexible" cancellation policy, the fee is 3%, "Moderate" is 4%, and "Stiff" and "Super Stiff 30/60" are 5%.

Payment will be made 24 hours after check in.  You can find all the details by clicking this link

Other Countries

Airbnb has two different service fees based on the cancellation policy you choose: 3% and 5%.

If the 'Flexible', 'Moderate' or 'Strict' cancellation policy is chosen, the fee is 3% and payment will be made 24 hours after the guest arrives.

If the 'Super Strict' cancellation policy is chosen, the commission increases to 5%. You can then choose to be paid 30 or 60 days prior to the guest's arrival. If the guest cancels before the 30 or 60 days, they will receive 50% of the money and the remaining 50% will be refunded to the guest. You can find all the details by clicking this link.

WuBook is an Airbnb partner and is pleased to offer its customers a complete two-way XML connection, with one of the most advanced technologies available on the market today.

There are different types of information and data shared between WuBook and Airbnb: however, not all of this information is compatible with the system.

Compatible Information



-Prices per room


-Minimum Stay

-Rent bookings via VRMS

-Extras that will appear as additional description

-Final cleaning and deposit if required

-Modifications to existing reservations

-Dates where Check-In and Out are allowed

Inompatible Information

-Prices per person
-All extras, compulsory or not, except final cleaning
-City tax
-Discounts and supplements

New rate model effective December 7, 2020

Airbnb is moving to a simplified payment model for Airbnb services for hosts (hosts) connected via third-party software, i.e., a Channel Manager.

 Beginning December 7, 2020, most of our hosts that have listings connected through Channel Manager will switch to a model of commission payment only for hosts, called "simplified pricing."

Let's point out that this change is internal to Airbnb: it was decided by Airbnb and governs the relationship between host advertisers and Airbnb.

Wubook has no part in the collection of Airbnb's commissions, nor on the determination of their percentage, nor does it collect part of these commissions.

We describe in this paragraph, purely for the convenience of our mutual customers, a relationship that pertains solely to Airbnb and its host customers.


What is changing 

Today, hosts connected to the software can choose between 2 payment models for Airbnb services:

- "shared rate", meaning payment of service fees shared between host and guests;

- "simplified rate" with the entire service fee paid by the host.

 After December 7, 2020, it will no longer be possible for most software-connected hosts to share commission payments with guests.

The "shared fee" will only remain available to software-connected hosts with most of their listings in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Argentina, Taiwan and Uruguay.

This means that:

- The cost-of-service model will change for hosts connected to a Channel Manager, unless the majority of their listings are in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Argentina, Taiwan and Uruguay.

- Airbnb will deduct a 15% host service fee from each payment, and we will not charge a host service fee.

- Existing bookings will not be affected, but this change will apply to all bookings made after December 7, 2020.

- Guests already using the "simplified rate" model will have a 14% service charge until January 1, 2021. After that date, the service charge will increase to 15%.

Why is Airbnb making these changes

The simplified rate model gives hosts more control over the final prices that guests pay. Hosts define what they want guests to pay, and no additional cost is added to the final price.  

 Since we started offering simplified rates, we've seen that hosts who have used them, and have competitive pricing across all websites, have increased their bookings by an average of 17%*. It also provides a better experience for guests, who prefer to book places that don't have an additional cost.

In this document provided by Airbnb you'll find more details and tips for hosts to update their prices so that earnings don't change.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Airbnb's customer service department.

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