WooDoo F.A.Q. - How to create a not refundable offer?

Each special offer can be activated on your online reception for direct sales from your website. It can also be activated on one or more OTA booking portals linked to the channel manager. (...or both)

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Not refundable offer from your site

To create this type of offer, you must add a new "non-refundable cancellation policy" in addition to the master policy. Then you have to insert a special WuBooK offer and assign it the cancellation policy through the "policy" field. In this way the customer that books the special offer will be subject to the Non refundable cancellation policy assigned to the offer.

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Non refundable offer from an OTA booking portal

Usually in booking portals, offers are defined through "multiple rates". These are price lists associated with certain conditions of sale, for example the "Not refundable rate" is usually the price list linked to the sale with "non-refundable" policy. The WooDoo Channel Manager allows you to define the price of each rate. The cancellation policy related to the rate, can not be defined via XML by a Channel Manager but must be configured with the support of OTA.

Once created the rate linked to the non-refundable policy in the portal, it will be necessary to reconfigure the Channel Manager WooDoo channel to link the new rate to the corresponding WuBook rate plan and restrictions plan.

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