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Atraveo is an online reservations portal specialized in touristic homes. However, it is not managed in the same way as the traditional channels through WooDoo. Instead, it is managed through a dedicated plugin in WuBook.

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This is because typically it is WooDoo who updates the portals with prices and availability every time there´s an update on these figures. However, with Atraveo, it works the other way around and it is Atraveo that access WuBook to read figures and then update its extranet accordingly. This read is done by Atraveo once a day only.

Atraveo reads and updates availability figures only. Prices need to be updated and managed directly on the extranet of Atraveo. The same goes for the reservations – need to be managed directly on Atraveo extranet.

At the end Atraveo works in the same way and ical compatible channel would. Only that because of the technical specifications of Atraveo we had to develop a dedicated plugin for them.

How to install the plugin

We require a one-time only activation payment of 36€ which will allow you to use the Atraveo plugin on your account. If you have many properties assigned to this same account you will be able to associate them all to the one plugin by entering your “owner number”

Plugin Configuration

In the plugin interface you will find all your existing rooms in WuBook and will need to map them all to its correspondent room in Atraveo in order to manage the availability. The WuBook rooms that do not have a correspondent room in Atraveo can be left unmapped.

It is important however, that ALL Atraveo rooms are mapped to a WuBook room.

The code of your Atraveo rooms that needs to be entered in the plugin is NOT the code that Atraveo assigns automatically but, the code that you have chosen for each of your rooms.

Besides the room association you could also choose which of your restrictions plans you want to associate for the open and closure of your rooms.

Once you have finished with the steps above, on the plugin interface will appear a link you need to drag into the correct section of the Atraveo extranet.

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