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It can be a good sales strategy to keep low prices when you have many empty rooms and to offer high prices when your availability is limited.

With this plugin you can configure the system to automatically increase your prices on the WuBook parity rate plan when receiving a reservation for a defined period. When a reservation gets cancelled, Wym will act the other way around reducing the price in relation to your configuration.

It is possible to define rules to apply to certain room types only and only for a specific period. Only reservations received for that type of room and within that period will make the price increase on the dates of the reservation. The increase will take place on your WuBook parity rate plan and on all virtual plans derived off it.

Global Impact

This option, when selected, will increment the price of all the room types included in the increasing price rule and will not only increase the price of the room type reserved.

For example, if you have created a rule to increment the price of the double, triple and quad room and you receive a reservation on a double, the price increase will be reflected in all 3 categories (double, triple and quad) as if each of them had been reserved.

Price Limits

To avoid your prices getting automatically updated to unwanted values is possible to define limits (minimum and maximum) which will stop Wym to decrease or increment prices out of these limits.


! The price increase is done on your WuBook parity rate plan and in all virtual plans derived off of it. The increase will not apply on any other rate plan.

! The availability range considers the availability shown prior to the reservation. The availability range needs to be configured by entering first the minimum limit and then the maximum limit.

! Wym also updates when a cancellation is received. In that case the price gets decreased and if you don´t want to decrease prices for that period for when the cancellation came in, will need to increase prices manually.

! Rules need to be created for different periods. If two or more rules affect the same period there will be internal conflicts and the effectiveness of the application jeopardize.

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