The advantages of Wubook Suite

With WuBook, you can easily manage your reservations. Our ALL-IN-ONE package of technological solutions for tourism will make your work easier and more effective!

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Modern technology within everyone's reach!

WuBook was born in 2008 with the desire to create a free and informal working environment where we can exploit our passion for technology and our strong skills in information technology.

WuBook gained an important role on the market: our software's reliability and our fair prices have made our proposal on the market "democratic" and competitive!

Our clients' exponential growth and their internationalization have introduced new challenges. As a result, our team is always growing and looking for new professionals.

Listening to customers is one of our greatest strengths: we are in constant dialogue with the hospitality industry professionals, with whom we exchange ideas and opinions on our Forum.

Our products are suitable for ALL properties, big and small ones. We are proud of our advanced technology: WuBook uses over 59 servers, distributed in different parts of the world, to ensure the reliability of a cloud service!

Thanks to the alchemy between our developers' technical skills, the direct listening to customers, the availability of a professional and multilingual support team that makes our products accessible to anyone, WuBook is one of the best technology providers in the world.

Our results count more than the words we may use to sell them!

1. PMS (Hotel Management)

Our PMS allows you to quickly and easily manage the daily tasks of your property. The Standard version is available without any monthly fee and includes the following features:

  • Planner and reservation management
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Police and Government reporting
  • Multi-property management
  • Guests' Check-in/Check-out
  • Client registration
  • Customer Archive Management (guests, companies, agencies)
  • Extra services management
  • Tasks calendar management

2. CHANNEL MANAGER - Synchronize and manage all your sales portals (OTA)

The data (prices, availability, and restrictions) entered on WuBook can be shared on the various OTA to centralize their management. By saving these data on WuBook, our Channel Manager will update them on all the connected OTA websites. Besides, the Channel Manager will automatically receive reservations from the OTA. In this way, your room's availability will always be updated!

3. BOOKING ENGINE - Increase direct bookings on your website

Through our Online Reception, the user who visits your property's website can check availability and room prices and enter a direct booking. You can apply specific offers on your website (no OTA!), thus increasing direct bookings' conversion!

4. METASEARCH - Increase your sales

The fount technology makes your accommodation appear in the main research comparators. TripAdvisor, TriVaGo, Google Hotel Finder compare hotels and prices of online portals. Don't miss the chance to be found by millions of travelers!

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