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These are used to sell a real room at different prices because of a different occupancy or different meal plan or any other difference that you should require.

For example, if you have a double room and want to sell it also as a Family Room (2 adults + 1 child), you would need to create it as a virtual room.

Add a Virtual Room

You need to go to:

Rates / Rooms

and scroll down to the chart Add a Virtual Room


First you need to select which “mother” room this virtual is coming off. As both will share the same availability; then you need to give a name to this virtual room and create its own code name.

All virtual rooms have its own set of restrictions that are independent to those of the mother rooms. Like this, you will be able to close one or the other room on a specific period.

Virtual rooms, same as “real rooms”, have a predefined price and meal plan.

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