Suspended channel

Sometimes, when the Channel Manager WooDoo sends an update to an OTA, the latter may respond with an error message. Generally they are temporary errors, (due for example to a momentary failure of the portal server) in any case the Channel Manager automatically tries again.

☞ Docs: Check the updates - WuBook

Some of these errors are systemic

They can be solved only with a human intervention (for example the authorization for WuBook to connect has been disabled on the extranet of the OTA portal). In these cases the channel is suspended.

In the WuBook control panel the suspended channels are indicated with the symbol of prohibition. The same symbol, on the right of the control panel, warns you of the existence of suspended channels and allows access to the Woodoo > Suspended channels section.

In the Suspended Channels section you will find the error that blocked the channel and also a suggestion to solve the situation. Once the problem is solved just click on the "Relaunch" button to try to restart the channel.

Sometimes channels are suspended because the sale on the portal has been changed (e.g. a room has been removed), but the channel has not been reconfigured. The "Reconfigure" button is used to proceed with this operation.

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