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Support request

If you are in trouble and need support, do not worry because WuBook provides you with different tools to solve your problem. For example, from the WuBook control panel and ZaK control panel, you can find the Help button in the top right corner.

↳ Link : Auth Factory

We ask you to specify the topic of the support request: for example: invoicing, channel manager, overbooking, etc. In this way, you will immediately display the articles in our documentation that concern the subject you have indicated!

In this way, you can try to consult our documentation and find a solution to your problem. In case you don't see the related article, you can always open a ticket by writing your support request.

The ticket becomes immediately visible to the WuBook support staff, who will answer you as soon as possible.

The ticket solution process is generally greatly facilitated by your collaboration: the more useful information you provide in the ticket, the faster and more efficient the assistance process becomes. (For example: if you have a problem with a channel, please indicate the related channel and the problem description; if there is a problem with a reservation, indicate which problem and the reservation code).

We do not provide a phone number, but we call all those who need it, respecting the priorities and urgencies. You can also request a phone appointment, indicating the time and phone number and the subject of the request for assistance. The more than ten years of experience in the field have taught us that we can quickly solve your problems even using only the tools and documentation that we provide you, the solution is always there!

The Forum: to suggest improvements and discuss with colleagues

Usually, every user would like our services to be custom made for him. We, therefore, receive dozens of requests to improve our services every day. To understand which of these "improvements" can be useful for many users, we need to discuss it with our customer base. This comparison takes place through our forum.

Web: WuBook Forum

WuBook is proud to provide a " public space" where "WuBookers" (WuBook customers) can confront each other. In addition to forwarding proposals and complaints to the staff, you can interact with other colleagues to exchange information, suggestions, and curiosity through the forum.

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