How can I pay WuBook services?

The WuBook services we provide generate "debts." To avoid invoices with a small amount, the system waits for the debts to accumulate up to 48€. At that point, the amount will move from the "Current Balance" section, to the "Waiting for payment" section.

If you have entered your Credit Card details for Auto-renewal, after 7 days from the generation of a payment transaction, we'll charge your credit card and issue the corresponding invoice.

If you have not entered a CC for the automatic renewal, you have to:

1. access your Auth Factory

☞ Docs: WuBook Auth Factory - your Wubook Account

2. go to the section > Finance > Balance  > Waiting for payment.

Link: Auth Factory > Finance > Balance

3. click on the PAY NOW button.

In this way, you can pay the amount due. You can choose to pay with a credit card or bank transfer.

☞ Docs: Balance of transactions

Payment by Bank Transfer

If you prefer to pay using the bank transfer, you will have to insert the accountant (a receipt of payment) in the bank transfer section (pending payments) of your Auth Factory.

↳ Link: Auth Factory > Finance > Pending payments

One of our operators will check that the bank transfer amount matches the payment amount and then turn the transaction into "paid" and issue the corresponding invoice.

Pre-buying services

Our advice is to insert the credit card with automatic debit. This way, you don't have to worry about the renewal of services!
If you don't want to insert your credit card, but you want to pre-buy services, you can make a pre-purchase.In this way, you'll buy a service credit from which the generated debts will gradually be deducted.

☞ Docs:Pre-purchase of Services

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