WuBook Free App for IOS

With WuBook app, WuBook users can access their data in a way that was possible only via Extranet.

With the increasingly growing tendency to 'mobilize' data and therefor being able to browse without a pc, WuBook created an app that is simple, yet very powerful.

The app is free. To use it, just download it from the App Store, or access it directly on this link (using itunes to synch the mac with the mobile device), then launch the app and insert your WuBook credentials.


Attention: Wubook works great with WiFi and 3/4G. Before using it, make sure to have those kind of internet connections. Otherwise, you might experience some slowness. 

Once in, you can:

  • See data of upcoming reservations.
  • Browse data about incoming customers.
  • Receive a notification for each reservation.
  • Inserting the reservation manually via YouBook.
  • Accept reservations that are waiting for approval.
  • Update prices and availability via Tabla or for more range of days via Sytar. 
  • See the insights of the reservations.
  • Close rooms.
  • Manage more lodgings per account.


In order to have a free WuBook acoount, it's necessary to use a browser and then install the app. 


System requirments: IOS 6.0 or more, 2,4 MB of free space. Compatible with Iphone, Ipad and Ipod touch

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