ZaK - City Tax Report

This report allows you to check the total city tax for a certain period, including any exemptions and reductions. By selecting a room tag, you can also generate a report per rooms.

☞ Docs: ZaK - Room tags

You can configure this functionality at the following section, helping with the documentation below:

Link: ZaK > Settings > Configurations > City Tax

Docs: ZaK - City Tax

How to generate the Report

Once the functionality is configured, you can start checking the report! To generate it, you need to select some simple parameters, such as the date range and possibly a specific room tag. At this point, click on the "SEARCH" button:

↳Useful Link: ZaK > Reports > Reports > City Tax

This report shows:

  • on the first row, the number of guests subject to tax with the number of Presences (sum of the overnight stays of each guest). The report also indicates how many of these overnight stays are subject to tax ("Presences subject to tax"). Remember that not all of the overnight stays may be subject to tax if the municipality requires the tax to be paid only for the first X days.
  • On the second row, the total number of exempt guests (whatever the reason for the exemption), the number of Presences (sum of the overnight stays of each guest). The report also indicates how many of those overnight stays would have been subject to tax (not all overnight stays would have been subject to tax if the municipality provided that the tax must be paid for the first X days).
  • Then the exempt guests are specified, with the relative overnight stays, specifying line by line the various types of exemption. The sum of the values of these exemptions detail lines must be equal to the values reported in the second line (2+4+4=10). The exemptions are those you configured in the City Tax plugin e and they must be assigned manually to the guests within the reservation. Only the "child" exemption is applied automatically, if you set that children under X years do not have to pay the tax.                                          

  • The "Total" row shows the total of the first two rows, i.e. the total number of guests and overnight stays both taxable and exempt.

  • The total amount to be paid depends on the number of nights subject to tax in the first row and the amount indicated in the tourist tax settings, which can be fixed or percentage, per person, per room or per reservation.

! Please Note: In order to have a true and accurate report, remember to record correctly the personal data of all the guests of each reservation, and to enter manually any exemption that does not depend on age. A detailed report of the city tax comes from the daily work on every single reservation!

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