This tool allows you to plan the cleaning tasks and print daily a broom paper for the cleaning staff. This paper contains the physical rooms to be cleaned and the type of cleaning required.

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Service Activation

You can activate the Broom Paper service after setting the appropriate plugin. In the Reports section, you can view the Broom Paper voice, edit and finally print the daily broom paper.

↳ Useful Link: Auth Factory > Zak (All-in-One) > Settings > Configurations

☞ Docs: Broom Paper report

Plugin Configuration

You can configure the plugin in different degrees of detail by defining the following data:

  • Rooms Settings

You can create labels to show the cleaning staff (worker) how to prepare the room. For example, an extra bed must be prepared, or the room must be prepared for a single guest (single use).

From the detail of the physical room of each reservation you can choose the type of room cleaning through the configuration box. In this way, the daily broom paper will be updated automatically.

☞ Docs: Reservation detail

A color can be associated to each setup. This will be shown in the reservation planner and the cleaning calendar.


You can enter one or more Workers (cleaning staff). You can then distribute the cleaning tasks among the different workers and then give each worker his daily broom paper.

Default room options

After entering the setups and workers, you have the option to associate each room with the respective default setup and worker. In this way the camera will be prepared in that way and by that specific person.

Cleaning policy

you can automatize the organization of cleaning in relation to the booked stays. Each cleaning mode can be from 0 to 3: On request, Fast, Normal, Complete. On each cleaning you can indicate or not the change of sheets and towels.

It is possible to set the cleaning of the rooms automatically, during arrivals and departures, during the stay (by assigning a time frequency), and when the rooms are free (by assigning a time frequency).


You can assign a room a specific cleaning policy. For example, for the Suite room, you may prefer a different cleaning policy.

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