ZaK - Feedback: ask your customers' opinion

In this section, you can set up the automatic sending of an email to your guests to request feedback about their stay. If you enable this function, your guests will receive a feedback request two days after the check-out date. The automatic sending is scheduled by ZaK three times a day (every 8 hours).

Whenever you receive feedback from a guest, you will find a notification in the "Deserving attention" section of your Dashboard.

☞ Docs: ZaK - Dashboard

In the SETTINGS subsection, you can set the cases for which the feedback request must be sent, the message to be shown in the online check-in, the automatic approval of feedback and the sending of a notification:

↳ Useful Link: ZaK > Settings > Configurations > Feedbacks

Let's have a look at all the options. Remember that you can activate more options at the same time.

1. Request feedback for not-OTA reservations

By enabling this option, Zak will request a feedback to guests who booked their stay through your Online Reception (or reservations that you entered manually).

Guests of reservations made through OTAs will not receive a feedback request.

By default, Zak forwards the "Feedback invitation" template, but you can create a new custom template at Settings-Templates section and then choose it in the specific field:

↳ Useful Link: ZaK > Settings > Templates > Feedbacks

☞ Docs: ZaK - Templates

2. Request feedback for OTA reservations

By enabling this option, ZaK will send feedback requests to guests who booked their stay through OTAs (Booking, Expedia, etc).

Guests of reservations made through your Online reception will not receive any feedback request, unless you've enabled the option described in point 1.

By default, ZaK forwards the template "Feedback invitation, OTA Reservations", but even in this case you have the possibility to create a custom template and select it from the drop-down menu:

3. Property Feedback message

By enabling this option, the selected template ("Feedback Message") will be shown on the Online Check-in page (see the image below), in the section "Give us your feedback", as an "introduction" to the real survey:

Also in this case you can create a custom template and select it in the appropriate field:

 4. Email me after user submit a new feedback

By enabling this option, you will receive an email every time a customer submits a feedback. In any case, you will also find a notification in your Dashboard, in the "Deserving attention" section.

5. Automatic approval

By enabling this option, you can select the number of days after which ZaK will automatically approve feedbacks, unless you approve/reject them manually:

You can also view a feedback report. If you want, you can approve/reject a feedback at section Report-Feedbacks section, by clicking on the eye icon. Therefore, if you do not enable an automatic approval threshold, you can still proceed manually:

↳ Useful Link : ZaK > Report > Report > Feedbacks

When the eye icon is green, the feedback is approved.

If it is red, you have chosen to keep it private.

If it is grey, you have yet to approve/reject it.

We remind you that, even if you do not enable any of the above mentioned sections, in the Online Check-in page there will still be a section where the guest can give feedback after his/her stay, as shown in point 3.

Finally, in the Feedback configuration page, you can find the QUESTION subsection, where you can choose the evaluation parameters. They are not editable, but you can enable/disable them as you like:

If you are using the ZaK Online Reception, all approved Feedbacks will be displayed in the top right corner, as in the following example:

☞ Docs: ZaK - Booking Engine

Feedback import from WooDoo

If you used the WooDoo Booking Engine and now you have switched to the ZaK one, don't worry: the feedbacks you already had will not be lost! You can import them into ZaK through the specific IMPORT FROM WOODOO section. just click on the button and wait a few minutes. Your feedbacks will be imported automatically, no further action is required:

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