ZaK F.A.Q. - How to handle deposits?

First, you need to access the reservation details and record the deposit payment in the "Payments" box.

In the following example, the total amount of the reservation is 160 EUR and the guest has already paid a deposit of 60 EUR:

☞ Docs: Reservation detail

☞ Docs: How to record a payment

At this point, you can click on the "Invoices" box and issue the invoice for the 60 EUR deposit. Remember to specify the appropriate document type (Deposit Invoice):

☞ Docs: How to issue a reservation invoice

In the "Description" section of the document you're issuing, remember to specify in the "Total" field the deposit amount (60 EUR) and confirm by clicking enter:

You can now proceed with the issuing. ZaK will report 60 EUR as already paid and invoiced, and 100 EUR still to be paid:

What to do when the guest settles the bill?

When you receive the difference (100 EUR) from the guest, you must record 100 EUR in the "Payments" box, so that the total payment is 160 EUR (100+60).
Click now on the "Invoices" box and proceed by issuing a "regular" invoice.

In the "Description" section you will automatically find the total amount and the deposit already deducted. Therefore, no manual intervention will be necessary, just proceed with the issue:

In this way, you have correctly issued the deposit and balance invoice. The "Unpaid" will be 0 EUR, as you can see in the image below:

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