ZaK app F.A.Q. - How to check-in and check-out guests?

With the ZaK app, marking customers as arrived or departed is very quick and easy! First, click on the MOVEMENTS section at the bottom. Here, under Arrivals, you will find all the check-ins of the day. Those already done are marked by a green tick and those to be done by a red tick:

To check-in a guest, simply drag and drop from left to right (or vice versa). A CHECK-IN button will then appear and, once clicked, the check will turn green:

If you have mistakenly marked a client as arrived, you can cancel it the same way. Drag it from left to right (or vice versa) and the CANCEL button will appear. The checkmark will return to red again:

In the Departures section, you can perform the same steps to mark guests as checked out.

☞ Docs: ZaK app - Movements: Guest Check-in and Check-out

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