ZaK app F.A.Q. - How to change the room of a reservation?

With ZaK's app, modifying a reservation is very simple and fast! To change the room you have two possibilities, let's have a look!

Changing rooms from the Planner

Changing rooms from the Planner is the quickest solution and is equivalent to the TETRIS function you use from the Browser.

First you need to click on the PLANNER section at the bottom and search for the reservation you want to edit. Hold down the reservation for a few seconds and a vertical gray band will appear. Click on the box in correspondence of a free room, in which you want to move the reservation:

Remember that from the Planner it is possible to change only the room and not the dates, that's why the gray band appears only in correspondence of the current dates of the reservation. To change the dates, you can follow the instructions in the following article:

☞ Docs: ZaK app F.A.Q. - How to change the dates of a reservation?

Changing room from reservation details

Also in this case it is necessary to click on the bottom of the PLANNER section and search for the reservation to modify. Click on the reservation, as in the following example:

Once inside the reservation, you will find the current room category (STD) and the physical room (ST01). If you want to change only the physical room to another of the same category (ST02 rather than ST01), just click on it and choose the new physical room:

If you want to change the room category (SUIT rather than STD), you must first add the new room by clicking on "Add room". Once you have added the new room (SUIT), you can delete the previous one (STD) by dragging it from left to right. The DELETE icon will then appear, just click on it to remove the room:

☞ Docs: ZaK app - Editing a reservation

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