ZaK - Alloggiati Report

Alloggiati report is necessary for Italian State Police. More details on this report below:

  • it includes check-ins only (while not check-outs)
  • it includes both domestic and foreign guests
  • In case guests are staying more days, there are 24 hours left to send the report
  • In case guests are stying one night only, the submission should be made immediately after the check in
  • Each guest is only sent once
  • Sending data via the management system does NOT exempt you from the requirement to download and keep PDFs receipts of files sent.

In order to generate Alloggiati reports, you have to subscribe to our PII package, which contains the modules for creating and sending requested reports by institutions. You can do this from the page below:

Useful link: Zak > Home > Zak Subscription

Once subscribed to the PII package, you can move to section Settings > PII and, to view a full list of all Plugins available for different countries, click the ADD NEW PII button on the top right to be able to activate and setup Alloggiati plugin. This service allows you to obtain the specific file for Alloggiati Police Portal and to send it automatically.

Useful link: Zak > Settings > PII

☞ Docs: ZaK - Alloggiati plugin configuration

Once the plugin is added and setup, you can start to generate reports from the page below (if you activated manual or semi-automatic upload):

↳ Useful link: ZaK > Reports > Reports > Alloggiati

Manual sending

The system generates a file with current date for every room. However, it is possible to generate the file for any day and filter rooms by selecting a room tag. By means of room tags, you can work with several properties in the same account using the multi-property model.

☞ Docs: ZaK - Room tags

☞ Docs: ZaK - Alloggiati Plugin configuration

The system checks whether your guests data (needed for Alloggiati Portal) are correctly fulfilled. A guest reservation containing incorrect data will be marked with the message in the list below:

Once guests data are filled out, you can continue with file generation. You will be able to download the generated file (as well as the history of past and already sent files) at any time. You can now proceed and upload the file on the police portal.

Semi-automatic sending

In case semi-automatic mode is activated, in the Report page ZaK will automatically select the period for generating the Report. You just have to check that all guests have all data fulfilled (as indicated above) and possibly complete the missing ones or exclude some guests. You will now find a button "Send" which you can click to send the report to Alloggiati portal:

Automatic sending

Inside Alloggiati Portal you will find the certificate which gives ZaK the consent to send the report. You can activate the automatic sending through your login credentials and the certificate. Each day, starting from the specified time in the plugin, the file is sent automatically (without downloading and submitting it inside the Portal).

On the top right of the page, in the "Last sends" section, you will see all the successful reports.

☞ Docs: Alloggiati Plugin configuration

! WARNING: You are still required to download electronic receipts (PDF) of files sent from the portal and keep them in case they are requested by competent authorities. Receipts are available on the portal for 30 days only!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using Alloggiati report, ZaK is able to detect if the document of any guest has expired. When you are registering the guest, you will see an error banner saying "Missing or invalid document".

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