ZaK - Booking Engine: Reservation Model

In this section you can decide how your customers will confirm their online reservations. First of all, you must associate a guarantee method (choosing among those created at Products>Policies) for Online Reception's refundable and non-refundable reservations. You can do that here:

↳ Useful Link: ZaK > Products > Policies > Guarantee Methods

☞ Docs: ZaK - Guarantee Methods for Reservations

Once set your guarantee methods, you can apply them here:

↳ Useful Link: ZaK > Sales > Online Reception > Reservation Model

In addition, to increase your direct reservations you can also enable the deferred model, so that guests can still book without any guarantee. To enable this, just click on the specific button:

For the deferred model, you can choose whether the reservation should enter with confirmed status; in option (availability affected); or in offer (availability not affected).

If instead the guest guarantees his reservation immediately (through one of the guarantee methods you configured), the reservation enters with confirmed status. To guarantee the reservation, the guest will be redirected to the Online Check-in page, in the specific section.

☞ Docs: Zak - Reservation status

☞ Docs: Zak - Voucher link and online check-in

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