WooDoo F.A.Q. - How to create offers and multiple rates?

Generally in booking portals (OTAs) discounted rates (special offers) are defined through multiple rates. These are price lists associated with certain sales conditions (cancellation policies and/or restrictions).

☞ Docs: What is an OTA

For example, the "Not refundable" rate is generally the discounted price list associated with a sale with a not refundable cancellation policy. The "7 nights" rate generally has the discounted price but also the minimum stay restriction of 7 nights.

WooDoo Channel Manager allows an extremely flexible management of multiple rates. It allows you to assign a WooDoo rate plan and a WooDoo restriction plan to each rate of the portal. In this way, you are able to define the price you want for each day on each rate, keep one rate open and another closed, assign different min stays, etc.

☞ Docs: WooDoo - Rate Plans

☞ Docs: WooDoo - Restriction Plans

↳ Useful link: WooDoo > Rates > Plans

A Channel Manager cannot create new rates on OTA portals (or even remove them), it can only "connect" to existing rates to update their daily data. If you want to create a new rate in a booking portal, you need to directly contact the portal (or contact their support) to create it. After that, you can reconfigure the channel and associate a rate plan and a restriction plan with the new Rate. Also to delete a Rate, you first have to contact the portal to remove it and then reconfigure the WooDoo channel.

☞ Docs: WooDoo - Reconfigure a Channel

PLEASE NOTE: Only for the Booking.com it is possible to create new rate plans directly from the Channel Manager, not only from the Portal. Below is the documentation on how to proceed:

☞ Docs: WooDoo - Creation of rooms and rates for Booking.com

! WARNING: The cancellation policy linked to a rate cannot be defined via XML by the Channel Manager but must be directly configured on the portal extranet with OTA support.

The same applies to the "minimum or maximum advance" restriction, which is not managed by the Channel Manager, except for Booking.com and Airbnb.

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