ZaK - Main Courante

The Main Courante section gives you a daily overview of your reservations and all their details (boards, payments, extras, etc). So if you need to quickly check how many children there are, how many half-boards, how many extras, who still has to pay and how much, you can access this section and you will immediately have a clear view of the situation in your property!

The report can be viewed for today's and yesterday's dates and you can reach it from the following link:

↳ Link utile: ZaK > Reports > Reports > Main Courante

In the example above, I selected today's date and see at a glance that:

  • the guest John Snow will stay with 1 teenager and 1 child, he will spend 700€ for half board, 30€ lunch, 10€ extras, and he has already paid 1524€.
  • the guest Rossi Anna will stay with 2 infants and has paid 600€, and still owes 197€.

In addition, at the top you have the possibility to filter by room tags, so that you only see data for the rooms you want.

☞ Docs: ZaK - Rooms tags

By clicking on the "Export" button, you can export the search results in a CSV file.

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