ZaK - Invoice Report

This section allows you to view a detailed monitoring of all sending status for your electronic invoices and also their acceptance/rejection by the Interchange System (SDI):

↳ Useful Link: Zak > Reports > Reports > Fatturazione Elettronica

First of all, on the top left, under ZaK logo, you can select the VAT number for which you want to view the report. Therefore, in case you have created more fiscal positions in Zak, here you can choose one of them.

Below you will see the menù allowing you to choose which invoices to view:

  • Pending: sent to the SDI, but still waiting to be approved or rejected
  • Delivered: received by SDI and correctly approved
  • Not Delivered: received by SDI and correctly approved, but not received by the customer because the recipient code was incorrect or fake. However, this is not an issue, as the SDI has already received and accepted the invoice, so this is what matters.
  • Rejected: not approved by the SDI. You will find the reason behind the rejection by opening the invoice in Zak. It is then needed to delete the invoice in ZaK and reissue it with the correct data.
  • Received invoices: If you chose to receive also passive invoices in ZaK, you can find here the these specific invoices.

In the central part of the page you can find a summary of invoices with their status, number, sending date, recipient and invoiced amount.

In the column "XML" you will find two icons:

- to view the invoice in XML format

- to download the invoice on your computer in XML format.

You also have the possibility to download several invoices at the same time! All you have to do is tick them in the first column on the left and then click on the DOWNLOAD button at the bottom:

! WARNING: In order to provide your accountant with invoices, you do not have to download them all the time and send them to him! ZaK is providing an external access for your accountant, so that he can access ONLY this section, with specific credentials. Within your fiscal position you can find the link and the credentials to give to him/her. The user corresponds to your VAT number and the password is provided by ZaK:

↳ Useful link: Zak > Settings > Configurations > Invoices

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