ZaK - Kylix: Overview

Kylix is the new ZaK Restaurant Module, created in order to manage from the PMS also what concerns Food and Beverage.

Kylix is currently still in the Alpha stage: it is available in the ZaK control panel as a "preview", in order to collect your feedback and suggestions.  The idea is to build Kylix transparently, continuously publishing news and developments.

Therefore we invite you to share any idea on our Forum, in the discussion concerning the Restaurant Module. Here is the link:

Web: Forum - Kylix: the restaurant module

Once logged in to ZaK, Kylix can be reached from the following section:

↳ Useful Link: ZaK > Kylix > My Kylix

The objectives and features of the new ZaK Restaurant Module are outlined below:

  • Subdivision of Areas: Kylix supports multiple catering areas, each one with independent menus
  • Centralized invoicing system with the ZaK PMS. It will be the only place to manage invoices and receipts for both services of hotellerie and restaurant
  • "En passant" consumption management for external customers
  • Mobile friendly: we will develop a layer to allow waiters to manage orders using a simple and cheap mobile phone
  • Centralized access management via Zak Team Plugin

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