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If your restaurant is composed several areas, this is the right section to configure them! You can create as many areas as you need, without limits. To each area you can assign its own menu and prices. For example, in addition to a restaurant I could also have a bar area and a pool area, where my menu includes drinks and appetizers rather than a full dinner/lunch.

The page can be reached through the following link:

↳ Useful Link: ZaK > Kylix > My Kylix > Areas

Here, by default, the Main Area is always present as it represents the main area of your Restaurant. It is not possible to remove it, but you can customize it by clicking on "Edit".

If your restaurant has other areas besides the main one, you can create them by clicking on the "ADD AREA" button. You can define:

- the name identifying that area

- a code of maximum 4 characters

- the capacity, i.e. the maximum number of people that the area can contain. This information is not blocking, I will still be able to add more seats than the defined capacity.

- the service fee in that area, which will not be visible in the menu, since the cover charge depends on the area where you are (and not on the menu).

Except for the name, all other fields are optional as you can always edit them later. When editing, you can also specify a price modifier (fixed or percentage), which increases/decreases all ingredient prices for that area.

Once the areas have been created, you can set up your own tables and menus for each one, which you will first have to configure in the appropriate sections. Find below the relevant documentation:

☞ Docs: Kylix - Tables

☞ Docs: Kylix - Menu

In the following example, in addition to the Main Area I have also configured my Pool area and my Garden area:

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