Kylix - Menu

Once defined your food categories and areas, you are ready to create your menu! You have the option to create even more than one menu if your Restaurant has several areas and each has its own menu.

☞ Docs: Kylix - Food Categories

☞ Docs: Kylix - Areas

The section can be reached from the following link and you can click at the top right on the "ADD MENU" button to create a new menu (e.g. that of the swimming pool area):

↳ Useful Link: ZaK > Kylix > My Kylix > Menu

Once created the new menu, by clicking on   you can customize it. In details:

- you can choose between 3 menu types (à la carte, fixed, fixed with multiple choice). We'll talk about that below.

- you can enable the areas in which that menu is available

- you can enable the food categories that must be shown on that menu (e.g. starters, main courses, desserts)

- for each category, you can enable which dishes are available (e.g. for dessert I have cheescake and tiramisu)

- you can drag and drop both categories and foods to set in which order they will appear in the menu

Menu Types

When you click on the pencil icon, you will find a field for choosing the menu type. You have 3 possibilities:

  • À la carte menu: this is the classic menu with all your foods, from which the customer chooses what to order.
  • Fixed menu: it includes only the foods that you have defined for that menu, at the price you have chosen. Therefore all dishes on that menu must be served. Using fields #1, #2, etc you can set the order in which the dishes will be served.
  • Fixed menu - multiple choice: this is still a fixed menu at a fixed price, but the guest has more options to choose from (e.g. various starters, various desserts, etc). Here, too, you can choose the order of service using fields #1, #2, etc.

Once created your menus, below each one you'll see a summary of all the categories and areas it includes. For example:

- By clicking on  you can delete that menu

- By clicking on you can print the paper menu, in which colored icons also indicate the allergens that you have specified for each food (at the bottom you will find a legend of the icons). For example:

The Restaurant name you find at the top of the menu is the one you have configured in the following section:

- Finally, by clicking onyou can display the QR code through which you can access the menu from mobile. You can also print it, for example to put it on your tables so that your customers can scan it and view the menu, without the need for paper.
Again, the name of the restaurant and the address you display are the ones configured in the following section: