Kylix - Tables

If you have already configured the areas of your restaurant, then you can proceed to create the tables in this section.

☞ Docs: Kylix - Areas

The section can be reached from the following link:

↳ Useful Link: ZaK > Kylix > My Kylix > Tables

Here you can view all tables already created, edit them by clicking on the pencil or delete them by clicking on the bin icon. You can create a new table by clicking on the + at the top right:

When creating a new table, you are asked to define its name, the area to which it belongs and the max number of seats it can hold.

If you need to create several tables, you can use the massive creation tool by clicking on the "MULTIPLE" button:

In this way you will be asked how many tables you want to add, in which area and how many seats each table has.

In the case of multiple additions it is not possible to choose the names of the tables, but ZaK will automatically apply names such as T.1, T.2, T.3, T.4, etc.

Once created a table, by clicking on the pencil icon next to it you can edit it and you can also insert a tag to group some tables together. For example, if I have several tables that I use for brunches on certain days, I can group them together with the tag "brunch":

In this way, at the top you'll have the possibility to filter by table tag or by area:

In addition, thanks to the table tags you define here, you can also filter them in the Overview section.

☞ Docs: Kylix - Tables Overview