ZaK - Reservation Statistics

In this subsection Reservation Stats, you will find the data in graphical and textual mode. Through tables and pie-charts, you can analyze the trends of your reservations.

You can access the statistics by clicking on the icon on the top right and then on "Stats":

These charts allow you to get non-revenue information about your reservations. The statistics filter allows you to select the reservations you want to analyze.

☞ Docs: ZaK - Statistics: filters

The graphs above represent:

1. Status of reservations:
This is the pie chart that segments the reservations according to their status (confirmed, cancelled, option, offer, no-show).

2. Booked rooms: This pie chart segments the reservations according to the rooms booked and the nights requested for each room.

3. Reservations origin: This is the pie chart that segments the reservations according to their origin (from Ota, private customers, agencies or corporates, etc).

In addition, below you have a very useful comparison tool, which allows you to compare the data on reservations for a specific day with the same day the previous year. The previous year's value is indicated with an asterisk (*).

On the top, in the filters, you can define a date range for the check-in, for example July 2021 (so reservations with check-in in that period will be taken into account):

In the lower box, you can choose a date so that ZaK searches for the number of reservations made up to that date, e.g. 07/07/2021 (so only reservations created up to that day will be considered):

Depending on the dates set, the following data will be displayed below:

  • Booking window: it describes how far in advance guests book. It is the average number of days between the reservation date and the arrival date.
  • Confirmed / Options: number of reservations with confirmed/option status
  • Nights: number of nights booked for those dates
  • Revenue: revenue generated by reservations (including rooms, VAT, OTA commissions, extras, meals, city tax)
  • Cancellations: number of cancellations received for those dates (including no-show)
  • Cancellations %: percentage of cancellations received for those dates (including no-show)

* NOTE: If you applied a global discount to some reservations, you will still see the amount without the discount in the 'Revenue' value. If instead you applied a specific discount to one or more rooms, then this will also be reflected in 'Revenue'. This is because the global discount applies to the whole reservation, not just the rooms.

Finally, in addition to the Reservation Stats there are further subsections that allow you to view data according to different criteria:

- Revenue Stats
- Extended Stats
- Customer Insights
- Meal Stats

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