Zak - Voucher link and online check-in

The Online Check-in page is integrated on the Online Reception of Zak, but it is also available for those who use Zak without enabling the Online Reception. For each reservation, ZaK creates and makes available a link for your customer, through which he can access a summary page of the reservation and perform various operations autonomously.

By accessing the reservation details, you will find the "Online Check-in" section to view this page:

☞ Docs: ZaK - Reservation detail

What can the customer do from their reservation page?

Within the reservation summary, the customer will find several sections on the right side:

Through these sections the customer can perform various operations and consult the details of his reservation:

  • SUMMARY: visualize, in addition to a summary, the reservation voucher and print it, by clicking on the blue item "Reservation voucher" at the bottom left.
  • ONLINE CHECK-IN: check-in online before coming to the property, entering their details and those of other guests in the reservation. When the customer has entered the data of all guests, a notification email is sent to the property.
  • REMARKS AND CHECK-IN HOUR: specify the arrival time and write any notes. If the guest enters a note, an automatic notification email is sent to the property.
  • CREDIT CARD: Confirm the reservation by entering credit card information in an encrypted and protected environment, with maximum security. When customers enter their card information, an email notification is sent to the property.
  • CANCEL RESERVATION: cancel your reservation, specifying the reason.
  • INVOICES AND FISCAL DOCUMENTS: enter their billing information, so that the property can issue a document
  • CONTACT US: display the property's contact information (email or/and phone number).
  • GIVE US YOUR FEEDBACK: after check-out, express an opinion about the stay through an evaluation from 1 to 5 stars. The feedback from customers, once approved by the property, are visible in the summary page at the top right (yellow stars).
  • MAKE A NEW RESERVATION: if Zak's Online Reception is enabled, the guest can book a new stay in your property.

Upselling of Extras and Experiences

Through the Online Check in page, the customer can purchase Extras and Experiences at any time even after finalizing the reservation.

Zak has an availability counting system not only for rooms, but also for Extras!

Requesting a payment

If you have enabled a Payment Gateway (Stripe, PayPal, MercadoPago, Yandex), from the detail of the reservation you can send to the customer a request for payment: an email will be sent to the customer where he will find the link to the page of Online Check in, which will contain the form for payment:

☞ Docs: ZaK - Setting up a Payment Gateway

From the Detail page of a reservation you can request a payment by opening the Payments box in the Admin section:

By clicking on "Get a payment", you will open this form:

The link to the Online Check-in page will then open with the following payment request, which will be processed through the Gateway you have set up in  Zak:

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