The following section is where you can set the preferences for most of the ZaK features, both the basic (free) and the advanced ones (charged):

↳ Useful Link: ZaK > Settings > Configurations

You will find the configuration "Cards" for the basic functions and those included in the packages you activated. If some "Cards" are inaccessible, this means that those functions are part of a package that is not currently active.
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By hovering the mouse over a Card, the icons of the package to which that functionality belongs will appear:

For example, the "Payment Gateways" configuration card is included in the "Essentials" and "Online Reception" packages.

Let's see together the sections related to the BASIC package:

1. Generic settings

In the Generic Settings you can:

- define the behavior of the system when option and offer reservations expire

- choose whether or not to be in CC in the emails that ZaK sends to your guests

- define predefined costs for the boards (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

- add the currencies you work with. It's useful if you receive payments and issue invoices with different currencies

Adding currencies other than the standard one allows you to:

- Change the currency of the services cost. When assigning the price of rooms and/or services, you can specify the currency in which the guest will pay. The same thing can be done in the reservation details, by clicking on the "Rooms" item you can access the currency parameter.

- Price conversion in tax documents. If you have managed the prices of the reservation in your standard currency but the customer pays in a different currency, you can issue invoices in one of the currencies you have added. ZaK queries and obtains daily updated exchange indices from the competent bodies and automatically calculates the price by converting it from your standard currency.

2. VAT

In this section, you can specify your VAT taxes for rooms, extras, boards and city tax. For each of these services you will be able to customize the VAT, set if VAT is included in your prices and, if you need it, the name of the tax.

Despite these settings, the Extras will also be customizable in the specific section, so that you can create Extras with different taxes.

↳ Useful Link: Zak > Products > Extra

☞ Docs: ZaK - Extras

Changing these preferences affects the generation of invoices. When issuing the invoice, the system considers:
- the sale price (the one set on your Zak Rates or with which a reservation enters from OTAs)
- the VAT

Depending on whether or not VAT is included in the sales price, the final price to be shown on the tax documents is calculated. If the sales price is already inclusive of tax, then Zak will derive the taxable amount of the account by "splitting" (price=total/[1 + percentage]). If instead the price does NOT already include tax, then the total will be calculated from the sales price by charging tax at the rate indicated for each service (total=price[1 + percentage]).

3. ZaK Team

This functionality allows you to restrict access to the various sections of Zak to your staff, depending on their roles. You can find more information in the specific documentation:

☞ Docs: ZaK - Zak Team: limit the accesses of your staff

4. Mobile App

This Card allows you to see which mobile devices have access to the Zak App and possibly to restrict access to only some of them. You can find more information about the ZaK App in the specific documentation:

☞ Docs: Mobile App - Zak

5. Registration Card

Here you can customize the header, footer and logo of the customer "Registration card". This document can then be generated in the reservation detail, by clicking on the specific button:

☞ Docs: ZaK - Reservation detail

6. Check-In Online

In this Card you can customize the Online Check-In page by uploading a logo and using specific templates for Title, Header and Welcome Message. You can find more information about Online Check-In in the specific documentation:

☞ Docs: ZaK - Voucher link and online check-in

7. PMS Switch

If you are switching from another PMS to Zak, this section allows you to import databases from your old PMS, such as the customer archive. It is necessary that the other PMS allows you to export the data in a spreadsheet (.xls or .csv) with the data divided by gender in columns according to a specific order. You can find more information in the specific documentation:

☞ Docs: ZaK - PMS Switch: Import your old PMS data