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You will find the section containing ZaK's functionality preferences and configurations under Settings > Configurations.

↳ Useful Link: Auth Factory > Zak (All-in-One) > Settings> Configurations

From here, you can activate and change the settings of different functionalities:

  • Registration Card
  • Planner Colors
  • Vat
  • Currencies
  • Generic settings

In this section, you will also find the functionalities available in your ZaK service package.
In case some "cards" are unavailable, it means that those functionalities are not included.

Web: ZaK Pricing model

Registration Card

In this section, you can customize the header, footer, and logo of the your Registration Card. You can generate the document from the reservation details, in the far right part of the page.

Planner and Custom Colors

To help you quickly recognize your reservation on the planner, you can assign them different colors. While system colors are assigned to your reservations automatically, you can assign custom colors manually.

If, for example, a reservation has entered from an agency (OTA) or WuBook, in the planner, it will automatically appear with the color related to its characteristics. Once you have defined your custom color set, you can easily assign colors to your reservations.

On the reservation detail you can decide whether to assign the same colour to all the room-stays in the same reservation.


In this section, you can specify your VAT taxes for rooms, extra services, boards, and tourist tax.


Changing these preferences affects the generation of invoices. When issuing an invoice, the system calculates:

  1. price
  2. VAT
  3. total amount

according to the two parameters: Prices including VAT and VAT percentage.
If the price includes VAT, then it represents the total, and the system calculates the net amount of the reservation.
On the contrary, if the price DOES NOT include VAT, then the total is calculated by charging the VAT percentage.


Within the Generic Settings you will find the currency configurations. If you receive payments and issue invoices in different currencies, you can add your preferred currencies from this panel.

Accepting different currencies allows you to:

  • Change currency in your documents. When assigning the price of rooms and services, you can specify the currency of payment. Also, from the detail of the reservation, you can access the currency parameter by clicking on > Rooms.
  • Convert currency in you invoices.  If you have managed a reservation price in your standard currency, but the customer pays in a different currency, you can issue invoices in the correct currency. ZaK queries and obtains daily updated exchange rates from the relevant authorities and automatically calculates the price by converting it from your standard currency.

Generic settings and Boards

In these two subsections of > Generic Settings, you can control some additional parameters and the custom price of Extras.

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