You can enter on ZaK "direct" bookings (those of your customers who call you, write to you, or show up at the structure) through YouBook. This section can be reached through the following link:

↳ Useful Link : Auth Factory > Zak (All-in-One) > Reservations> YouBook

YouBook consists of three sections: Customer, Available Products, Resume.

1. Customer

In the first section you can enter the customer data or search if he has already been entered previously.

2. Available products

The Available Products section allows you to find the available accommodations. By indicating the range of time, ZaK checks which products are available in that period.

☞ Docs: Product

You can select the product and also, if necessary, a physical room corresponding to the category of that product.

☞ Docs: Physical rooms

☞ Docs: Room Categories

3. Resume

This section shows a resume of the reservation, and it also allows you to specify additional data: Booking status, Check-in time, any Extras, Cancellation policy, Board and Notes.

☞ Docs: Reservation status

☞ Docs: Extra

☞ Docs: Cancellation policies

☞ Docs: Treatments/Boards

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