WooDoo F.A.Q. - How to see credit card details?

For security reasons, the credit card details issued by guests to guarantee reservations are protected by a special password. You can display the number of the credit card issued by the customer only if you have this password.

Useful link WooDoo > Reservations

One week after the date of the check-out, the CC data are automatically removed from the WooDoo database and will no longer be available.

You have to configure the password that allows you to display credit card numbers in the appropriate section of the account below.

Useful link Security > Encryption system

! Take care not to lose this password !

If you lose your password, you can still set up a new one, but it will only allow you to read the CCs of new reservations and not those previously registered. The CCs of reservations entered before reconfiguration will be unreadable with the new password and, therefore, irreparably lost.

☞ Docs: I lost my password to display credit cards

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