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The InsideOut section allows you to easily identify arrivals, departures and in-home reservations on today's date. You can find it in Reservations > InsideOut.

↳ Useful Link: Auth Factory > Zak (All-in-One) > Reservations> InsideOut

There is a sub-menu that allows you to filter reservations with a single click as follows:

  • Arrivals: Reservations (not cancelled) that have at least one stay with today's arrival date

  • In-House: Reservations (not cancelled) that have at least one stay containing today's date, those with check-in today whose customers has already arrived, and those with check-out today whose guests have not yet left.
  • Departures: Reservations (not cancelled) that have at least one stay with departure on today's date.
  • InsideOut: Here are the reservations (not cancelled) that today have an arrival in a room where there is a check-out of another stay. (On these reservations you have to manage well the timing of arrival and departure)

For each reservation you will display the following data:

  • the booking guest with the corresponding nationality
  • The reservation code (that gives you access to the details) in which are shown the board and the colour of status (orange: option or offer, green: confirmed).

☞ Docs: Reservation detail

☞ Docs: Reservation status

  • The amount of the reservation
  • The length of stay (departure date and number of nights)
  • The date the reservation was made
  • The guest's status (green: all arrived, yellow: some arrived others not, red: not arrived yet)
  • The link to the guest's registration page

☞ Docs: Clients of a reservation

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