How to make a check-in/check-out

Through the reservation details, you can register arrivals and departures of your guests with different degrees of detail:

  • Entire reservation
  • Every single room
  • Each single guest

↳ Useful Link : Auth Factory > Zak (All-in-One) > Reservations > Latest Reservations Events

☞ Docs: Reservation detail

Check-in can only be done when the guest's arrival date is earlier or the same as today. As well as the check-out can be completed only when the departure date is later or equal to today's date. When guests staying in the same room have different arrival/departure dates, you can differentiate them using the icon at the top right (symbol with two arrows). Below is the example of a double room.

In the example above, there is a double room reservation. One of the two guests has a different check-out date from the other. Once you've changed the check-out date manually, the system alerts you through the triangle icon in the top right corner. 

By clicking on the icon, you can access the panel to "tick" the guests, depending on whether they check-in- or check-out. 

In the case of partial check-in/out, the icon is yellow. 

In the case of total check-in/out, it is green.

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