An agency provides reservations for accommodation properties. An agency can be considered an OTA l (such as, as well as a travel agency, an association etc. etc.

It is useful to define your reservations by agency of origin. This way, you can recognize at a glance if a reservation has entered through an agency, not to mention the usefulness of statistical data to assess the "productivity" of the agencies you work with. The agencies registered on ZaK are accessible through the section > Customers > Agencies.

☞ Docs: What is an OTA?

↳ Link: Zak (All-in-One) > Customers > Agencies

How to add a new Agency

1. Booking portals

If you use the WooDoo Channel Manager and the connection with WooDOo is set to automatically download reservations, when you receive the first reservation from an OTA, the system automatically creates the corresponding agency (eg: Subsequently, each reservation that enters from that OTA, will be automatically associated to the corresponding agency.

☞ Docs: WooDoo - API Integrations (BE+CM)

☞ Docs: Connection with WooDoo

2. Other agencies

You can also manually add Agencies from the reservation detail. Each agency is associated with a color (customizable). In your Planner the different reservations are highlighted with the corresponding agency color.

☞ Docs: Reservation Detail

☞ Docs: Reservations Colors

☞ Docs: Planner

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