Zak - Discontinuous Stays

A "discontinuous stay" is a stay for which the room category is available, but there is NOT availability in the same physical room for the entire period of stay. It could happen that the availability is open for a period of time, but can be inserted in different physical rooms. The system accepts the entry of bookings for which there is no physical room available for the full stay (generally these are OTAs reservations).

Take a look at our video tutorial!

In the example below a reservation for the period March 28th - April 3rd has entered. The "STD" room category has a segmented availability in two different physical rooms. So any STD is free for the entire period. So the room category was assigned to the reservation, but not the physical room. This means that the reservation is pending.

☞ Docs: ZaK - Physical rooms

☞ Docs: ZaK - Pending Reservations

! These reservations are not visible on the Planner, ZaK detects and shows them in the following section:

↳ Link: ZaK > Reservations > Overview > Discontinuous Stays


In order to solve, you should move the reservations between the physical rooms of the same type in the Planner. In this way you can "make space" for all the reservations, including the pending one.

ZaK automatically finds and displays a solution, suggesting possible movements to make room for all reservations. Just click on the icon with the arrows next to the discontinuous stay:

At this point ZaK will propose you the possible solutions, you only have to confirm the move by clicking on the "GO" button and ZaK will do it for you:

In this way you will have fixed the discontinuous stay.

Please Note: if instead you can't accommodate all the reservations, the guest will have to change room during his stay. Or you could move him to a different room type.

Why this happens?

The entry of discontinuous stays doesn't depend on ZaK. Simply the availability is sent to OTAs for each room type, NOT for each individual physical room. So OTAs can't know if the availability is all in one physical room or in more physical rooms. This is why you can receive discontinuous stays. But usually this can be solved by moving some stays in the Planner and avoiding to lose new reservations.

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