Private customers

When entering a new reservation ZaK allows you to recall the customer's data if the customer was previously registered. Zak suggests you the names of previously registered customers, saving you the trouble of re-entering the data.

The data of already registered customer  can be accessed from the section Customers > Guests.

↳ Link : Zak (All-in-One) > Customers > Guests

☞ Docs: New reservation

Customer registration page

You can reach the customer registration page by clicking on the customer's name.
On this page, you can enter personal and invoicing data, see the customer's reservations, and add a note. At the top, you will find a button for deleting the customer card and switching from Nerd (easy) to Verbose Mode (extended).

ZaK provides a tool that allows you to locate customers entered several times (duplicates) and merge them automatically.

☞ Docs: Merge tool

↳ Useful Link: Zak (All-in-One) > Customers > Merge tool

From the different ZaK sections where the guest's name appears, by clicking on the customer's name, you can access the customer's detail page. For each guest, it is possible to record personal data (such as date of birth and identity document) and tax information. From the customer detail, you can quickly check the list of all the reservations made by that guest:

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