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ZaK offers you a statistical tool to monitor your reservation data. You can easily filter your analysis according to different criteria, using the "filter" tool on the STATISTICS page. You can find an in-depth article below. 

↳ Link: Auth Factory > Zak (All-in-One) > Report > Statistics

☞ Docs: Statistics: filters

This page shows a graph at the top, and numerical tables at the bottom. There are also several subsections to display your data according to specific criteria such as: country of origin of the customer, average length of stay, number of days booked per room, statistics on bookings source (agencies, individuals or companies) etc etc..

  1. Revenue stats
  2. Extended stats
  3. Customer insights
  4. Reservation stats
  5. Meals stats

The statistics filter allows you to analyze reservations with certain characteristics.

The parameters reported for each day are as follows:

  • available rooms: number of physical rooms available (not closed)
  • closed rooms: number of physical rooms closed on that day. The total number of physical rooms is the sum of the available rooms + the closed ones)
  • sold rooms: number of occupied physical rooms 
  • occupancy rate: percentage ratio of sold rooms to available rooms ((c.sold x 100)/ c.available)
  • rooms revenue: total amount of rooms sold on that day (extras excluded)
  • ADR (Average Daily Rate): the average rate of sold rooms. (Total amount/sold rooms)
  • RevPAR (Revenue per Available Room): It's the average rate of rooms for sale. (Total amount /available rooms)
  • booking window:  It’s the period of time between the reservation is made by guests and the actual arrival date. If there are one or more check-ins on this day, the table will show the number of days in advance of the reservation (or the average number of days in advance of reservations with check-in on that date).

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