Multiple properties

If you have multiple properties, you can manage them from a single WuBook account. You can switch from one property control panel to another by selecting it from a drop-down menu, without having to log out of your account.

Each WuBook account contains a default property created automatically. You can add a new property by accessing the section:

Useful link: Auth Factory > Administration > Properties

All invoices that WuBook issue for the purchase of services of your properties are accessible online from a single section of your account:

Useful link: Auth Factory > Finance > Invoices

! The password for credit cards is the same for all properties of your account !

☞ Docs: How to display credit card numbers

WuBook's price is related to the single property: therefore, if you manage different properties, you need to pay a separate price for the services of every single property.

In general, billing informations are the same for all properties, but it is also possible to specify different tax data for each property.

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