You can start using our services without obligation: you have a free 15-day trial period for each of our Services. Each renewal generates a current debt (or cost). The payment for each service is not required immediately. To avoid frequent payment requests, you will be asked to pay only when the total reaches the minimum amount of 48.00 €. You are also required to pay a maximum of 1 payment per month.

When the total of your debts (current transactions) reaches the minimum amount for invoicing, it turns into a transaction to be paid. At this point, you will receive an email notification, and you will see the following warning in your account:

How to make the payment

To proceed with the payment of  costs you have to go to the BALANCE section of your Account where you can find: CURRENT BALANCE - WAITING FOR PAYMENT - PAID.

Useful link Finance > Balance

If you have entered your CC data for automatic renewal, you don't have to worry about anything: the costs contained in "Waiting for Payment" are automatically paid after 7 days from the generation of the transaction by debiting the CC. If you don't use CC for automatic renewal and prefer to pay by bank transfer, you have 30 days to pay for the transaction, after which all your services will be automatically deactivated.

☞ Docs: Insolvencies and deactivations

Payment by bank transfer

If you prefer you can make payments by bank transfer. In this case, once the transfer has been made, it is necessary to save the bank transfer's receipt and upload it on the payment page, by clicking on "Upload receipt". In this way, our operator can verify the transfer and then issue the invoice.

Useful link Finance > Pending Orders