Zak - Planner

To access the Planner, click on the link below:

↳Useful Link: Zak > Reservations > Planner

The Planner provides a geometric view of your reservations: basically it is a table with the physical rooms in the rows and the calendar days in the columns. The reservations are represented by segments with the name of the customer who made the reservation.
Rows = Physical rooms

Columns = Calendar days

☞ Docs: Zak - Physical rooms

In the Planner also closed rooms are displayed, as shown in the image below:

☞ Docs: Zak - Room closures

Planner configuration

On the top right, you can access the Planner settings through the  icon. Here you can decide whether or not to display pending reservations (they'll appear in transparency). You can also decide to see at the beginning of the row, the room type followed by the physical room code, or just the full name of the physical room. You can also modify the background color of the Planner.

☞ Docs: Zak - Pending Reservations

To edit the Planner colors, you find in ZaK a dedicated section. Here below is the specific documentation:

☞ Docs: ZaK - Planner Colors

Also to order rooms in the Planner you find a dedicated section in ZaK. Here is the documentation:

☞ Docs: ZaK - Rooms and Products Ordering

Date and room filter

At the top of the Planner, you find a tool to quickly move between different dates. The first field indicates the first day of the planner calendar, followed by the number of displayed days. The "< >" buttons allow you to move into the past or into the future for as many days as you select.

In the example above, you can move backward or forward 28 days.

You can filter the rows (physical rooms) by room type or by room tags. In the "Filters" box, you can filter option, unpaid and not granted reservations.

The TETRIS tool (colored box) allows you to move reservations over time and from one room to another.

☞ Docs: Zak - Room Categories

☞ Docs: Zak - Room tags


By clicking on the TETRIS button, you will enter the reservation editing mode. You can move reservations in the Planner and change their duration by dragging them with the mouse:
  • Click and drag from the arrow = lengthen and shorten the length of stay

  • Click and drag the reservation = change date and room

Once you have made your changes, remember to save or to cancel the last changes, through the buttons on the top.
In Tetris mode, at the top of the planner, a grey line appears. It does not represent any room. This space is useful when you move reservations and you need a space where you can place your reservations temporarily while making changes.

Here is a simple video about the Tetris:

 Planner Actions

When you click with the left mouse button on a reservation/stay, a menu will open, allowing you to perform different operations on the reservation:

  • Access guest details
  • Check-in and Check-out
  • Access reservation details
  • Change room type or physical room
  • Split the stay into two parts
  • Lock the stay in that room (if the guest wants exactly that physical room)
  • Cancel the reservation
  • Change the colors of that reservation/room

Here is a video about operations on the Planner:

Add a reservation/closure

If you click on a space that is not occupied by a stay, you can add a new reservation:

or you can close a room:


You can print a view of the Planner by clicking on the icon on the top right. Some options are available, such as choice of date range, page orientation and preview button:

Pending reservations

The Planner also shows pending reservations (which are not yet associated with a physical room).

☞ Docs: Zak - Pending Reservations

Pending reservations will appear on transparency. In the planner, the row in which pending reservations appear does not indicate the physical room occupied by that reservation: our automatic algorithm chooses a room so that you can display the reservation in the planner, even if it is not assigned to a specific physical room.

If you don't want pending reservations to be displayed in the Planner, you can deactivate this in the Planner Settings (as mentioned above):