ZaK - Broom Paper Report (OBSOLETE)

Once the Broom Paper functionality is activated, you will be able to access the Broom Paper report.

This report will allow you to view the cleaning tasks distribution for each room during the week. You can also edit each cleaning task manually and print today's and tomorrow's broom paper.

First, activate and configure the functionality from the following section, helping you with the documentation below:

↳ Useful Link: ZaK > Settings > Configurations > Broom Paper

☞ Docs: Broom Paper

Once configured, you can view and print the report from the following section:

↳ Useful Link: ZaK > Reports > Reports > Broom Paper


This tool shows the distribution of cleaning tasks over the week. By clicking on each box you can change each parameter of each task. You can also assign a note: a free written text, in case you want to give a precise indication to the cleaning operator.

For each you can see all the cleaning you have to do (change of sheets, change of towels and change of the rooms setup. For each room is shown the old or current room setup and the number of days that are missing for the next change of setting. You can also find this information in the Zak section, by clicking on the SHOW/HIDE LEGEND button:

In the calendar the information on cleaning are summarized by the following icons (also these can be found by clicking on SHOW/HIDE LEGEND):

Broom Paper

This section of the report shows in detail the cleaning for today and tomorrow.

From here you can change each parameter (including notes), you can assign a worker and invert today's cleaning with tomorrow's cleaning. Finally you can print the broom paper.

On today's cleaning, click on the red icon to indicate that the cleaning task has been completed. This way today's cleaning will not appear again tomorrow. You can also mark that ALL rooms

have been cleaned by clicking on the blue "Mark all rooms as clean".

By clicking on the Print icon you will generate the daily broom paper ready for printing.

Daily broom paper

Finally, it is possible to generate the daily broom paper (for today, but also the next day). For each room, you can display all the cleaning information (the level of cleanliness, if there is a change of sheets, towels, any notes, etc.).
Before printing, the paper can be filtered by worker so that each operator can receive his or her broom paper. The paper also shows information about any guests in the property: arrival, departure, and in-house.

At the button of the print page are shown total cleaning data, grouped by worker. For each worker are reported how many cleanings tasks he/she has to do, how many sheets and how many towels he/she has to change.

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