ZaK - Rates historical data

At the end of each quarter, Zak automatically saves the prices of the past and future quarters for all your rates. You can check at any time the prices you have set in the past.

↳ Useful Link: Auth Factory > Zak (All in One) > Reports > Reports

☞ Docs: Rates

For each Quarter of each year, Zak generates two reports: the first one is built the first day of the Quarter. It provides the prices of the Quarter before the Quarter beginning. Another report will be generated for the same Quarter when the Quarter itself will be finished.

A single report consists of a compressed file (.zip) containing one file (csv) for each of your ZaK Rates. Each single csv file contains the prices of the individual products for each day of the quarter, and it can be easily opened from MS Office.

You can also force the rates storage at any time using the "Manual Report" tool.

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