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Sytar allows you to browse and manage all the rates and restrictions of your products massively.
Unlike Tabla (which allows you to work in detail on every single day/product), Sytar provides a less detailed view but allows extensive management over time.
For example, if you want to set a specific price for all low season weekends, or a minimum stay for the whole high season period, this tool allows you to do it in one simple step.

↳Useful Link: ZaK > Products > Sytar

You can use Sytar in three modes: Inventory mode, Price mode or Reset mode.

Inventory Mode

In the Inventory mode, you can set prices and restrictions on one, some, or all products simultaneously. Empty fields won't be updated.


You can define for which products you want to act, choosing between the following options:

  • Single product: choose a product to modify
  • Multiple products: choose a set of products to modify. The same data will be updated on all selected products
  • Room type: the same data will be updated on each product related to the selected room type
  • All products: select all available products.

If you prefer, you can apply a modification only on some days of the week. i.e. checking Saturday and Sunday only means that changes will only be applied for Saturdays and Sundays in the selected time frame.

This way you can intervene, for example, only on the weekend or on weekdays of a selected period.

Let's see now some examples to better understand how it works!

Example 1) I want to close the Not-Refundable rate from July 1st to 31st, for all days of the week and for the MATR product:

Example 2) I want to set a minimum stay of 2 nights in the Standard rate, from June to September, for all rooms, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only:

Example 3) In August, for the Non-Refundable rate and for all products, I want to block check-ins and check-outs from Monday to Friday, leaving them free only on Saturday and Sunday:

! ATTENTION: If you already have derivations for some products or rates, they can't be edited in Sytar. Example: if for the MATR room I already have the closure and min stay derived from another room, then I will not change these values from Sytar for the MATR, otherwise Sytar will not save the data correctly.

Price mode

This mode allows you to manage only prices (not the restrictions) but, unlike the Inventory mode, once selected the period and the rate, you can assign each product a different price. Empty fields won't be updated.

Sytar allows you to enter a new price or to increase/decrease the current price by a percentage or a fixed value:

  • = The price will be replaced by a new one
  • ± The price will be increased/decreased (fixed variation)
  • % The price will be increased/decreased (percentage variation)

To decrease the price, you have to enter a fixed value or percentage preceded by the minus sign "-" . To increase the price, it is NOT necessary to enter the plus sign "+".

Let's see below two examples to better understand how it works!

Example 1) For August, in the Standard rate, I want to set all my rooms to €200, excluding the single-use MATR which already has a derivation from the double-use MATR:

Example 2) For the Standard rate and for the QUAD room, I want to decrease the current price by 15% until the end of the year:

! ATTENTION: If you already have price derivations for some products or rates, they can't be edited in Sytar. Example: if for the not-refundable rate I already have a -10% derivation from the standard rate, then I can't change the prices of the not-refundable rate in Sytar, otherwise Sytar will not save the data correctly.

Reset mode

This mode allows you to reset the following values:

  • min/max stay
  • min/max stay arrival
  • min/max advance

You can choose which rate and products to reset the values for. Once reset, the restriction will no longer be set.

Eagle View

Eagle View is a graphic summary of your inventory over a large range of days (up to 510). You can detect price variation at a glance, by looking at the colored bars' height. Colors represent the following status:

  • closed: grey
  • no availability: red
  • available rooms: green
  • available rooms with restrictions: orange

The color gradation represents the number of rooms available.  By moving the mouse over the colored bars, you can see the start/end dates of a specific period, availability, price and restrictions (if set).

In the Eagle View you will also find the "Zym" button. If enabled, you will see the prices modified by the Yield Manager. You will not be able to edit them, but only to check them.

☞ Docs: ZaK - Yield Manager (Zym)

The following example reports the 210-day view (top right selector). Here you can see the max/min price (arrow up/down) and the related days in which they are applied. The orange band indicates active restrictions on some periods. If you pass over the bar with the mouse, you can see the restriction applied (MinStay 2):

"Copy Rates" feature

By clicking on the  icon on the top right, you can copy prices and/or restrictions from another rate. You will find a detailed explanation of the functionality in the following documentation:

☞ Docs: ZaK - "Copy Rates" feature

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