WooDoo - Metasearch: Google Hotel Ads (Google Commission Program)

Web: Google Hotel Ads Website

Google's hotel search engine allows you to show your property's profile on different Google media (Google Hotel Finder, Google Maps, Google plus, etc.).

Google in fact doesn't have its booking engine system but offers various solutions for the different OTA agencies from which you can enter an online booking. Your Wubook Online reception can also appear in a google search (indicated with "Official website").

By signing up for Google Hotel Ads, you can then show your hotel's availability and rates on Google Search, Google Maps, etc. so that they are available when users search for hotels in your area.

When a traveller searches for a hotel on Google Search, they will see a combination of text ads (at the top) and organic hotel listings displayed with photos, ratings, prices and a hotel map. When he/she clicks on a hotel, he/she will be directly directed to the Google booking form.
The Google booking form contains:

- a "Book a room" button that allows the traveller to book a hotel immediately.
- a booking link to the Website that allows a Partner like WooDoo to show the price based on a specific check-in date and room occupancy. Booking links can also be configured to show special rates, a logo and text that draws attention to the hotel's features.

When a traveller clicks on the "Website" link they will be directed to the integration Provider page to complete the reservation: if you use WooDoo, the traveller will be redirected to your WooDoo Online Reception!

To launch your Google Hotel Ads campaign, you can do it directly with Google or through a Google authorized partner provider. This provider will provide Google with the rates and availability of your hotel and will manage the campaign on your behalf. Of course this is the easiest choice and it's also recommended by Google.

WuBook is a Google authorized partner and allows the Google campaign's activation from your WooDoo control panel, at Metasearch section.

↳ Useful Link: WooDoo > Metasearch > List > Google

NOTE: In order to enable Google in WooDoo, you must have a Credit Card entered as a payment method, or a deposit.

↳ Useful Link: Finance > Payment Method

Google Commission Program

The total cost is a commission of 12% on the TOTAL of each reservation received through the WooDoo Online Reception opened by Google Hotel Ads.

NOTE: Google will charge your commissions directly to WooDoo, and they will end up in the calculation of your "Current Balance" in the WooDoo control panel: this way you won't have any more suppliers to pay, but you will have to pay only WooDoo!

The charging of commissions by Google follows the CPA model: commissions will be charged at the guest's check-out for all reservations that were still confirmed at the check-in date.

! If the reservation is canceled before the Check-OUT date, also the commission will be canceled.

NOTE: If on WooDoo Online Reception you enabled the DEFERRED or FREE reservation model, also reservations "waiting for confirmation" will be considered confirmed (i.e. not canceled). Be careful then, if you leave on WooDoo a Google reservation "waiting for confirmation", this will still be considered as confirmed for the purposes of Google commissions.

☞ Docs: WooDoo - How to configure the Reservation model


When someone reaches the Online Reception through a link from Google (with the Commission Program), the discount codes are NOT usable.

☞ Docs: WooDoo - Promo Codes

The activation time to appear in Google media is about 3 weeks. That's because Google updates the inventory of enabled properties every 10 days.

Finally, we remind you that Google has a tracking time of 3 to 5 days. Therefore, when a reservation is cancelled during this time period, a trace is left in Google's systems and the reservation will still be received through Google.

NOTE: It is important that the name and address of the property entered in WooDoo match perfectly with those entered in Google, otherwise the connection won't be successful.

You can check and edit this data in WooDoo at the following section:

↳ Useful Link: Administration > Properties > Property Information

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