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To promote your rooms on the internet, it might be a good strategy to offer them at a discounted price directly on your website by creating a Special Offer.

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The WooDoo special offer is a discount offered under special requirements and a specific cancellation policy.

When the customer who books from the site, requires a stay that meets the requirements assigned to this offer, the online reception offers the discount automatically.

☞ Docs: Set a cancellation policy

For example the offer “3 nights” offers the discount only to those who require a minimum stay of 3 nights. Those who book the non-refundable offer will have the "non-refundable" cancellation policy.

☞ Docs: Non-refundable offer

The special offers can be defined from the ONLINE RECEPTION > Special Offer & Package section, which can be reached through the link below:

↳ Useful Link: Auth Factory > WooDoo > Online Reception > Special Offer & Package

It is important to use the appropriate graphic form for the special offer; the original discounted price (crossed out) and the final price must be shown. In this way the customer will be able to realize the convenience of the occasion provided, increasing the opportunity to receive a direct booking.

The discount associated with the offer can be of type:

  • percentage
  • fixed
  • rate plan among those created. In the latter case, in reservations with offer, the price of the rate plan will replace the standard one.

☞ Docs: Rate Plans

If you choose the "fixed" discount type, the value to be discounted will not be subtracted from the daily price but from the total reservation amount.

For example: if I indicate a fixed discount of 20€ and the customer books 3 nights at the full price of 100€/night, the discounted price of the booking will be 280€. If you want to create a special offer with a fixed discount on the daily amount, you can use a virtual plan and associate it to the offer.

The requirements that can be configured in the offer are:

  • Validity period and weekdays: only stays within a specific period will enjoy the discount.

  • Release:it is the number of days between the date of booking and the date of check-in. Only those who book in advance can enjoy the discount offer. It can help you increase early bookers.

  • Maximum advance release: last minute offers.

  • Maximum stay: Hide the offer for those who require extended stays and show it only to those who require stays of a few days.

  • Minimum stay: Only for those who require stays of a certain length will enjoy the offer.

  • Room required and required extras: Only for those who book specific rooms and/or specific extras.

Offer Requirements: It is not necessary to assign requirements. You can create an offer without requirements and simply publish the standard price crossed out with a discounted price.

ON your website You can also insert a widget that shows the list of your WooDoo special offers "dynamically". The setting up of our widget is the responsibility of your web master who can consult our technical documentation on Javascript functions. You can access these functions for free.

ï¼  Web: WuBook technical Doc

Special offers on OTAs portals

WooDoo special offers are NOT automatically sent to channels connected to the Channel manager. To create a special offer on OTA portals it is necessary to act directly on OTA.

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